Uhmm…awkward! It sure is awkward sometimes being a business professional who loves playing around with workflow processes, but also enjoys telling inappropriate stories and jokes.

First, my professional side: I am what you would call a data nerd. I love playing around with data, creating fun/informative/beautiful looking reports, organizing spreadsheets, finding cool new ways to streamline a process or gather information to make a decision. In short, I live to make people’s lives easier.

This all stems from a childhood passion for research and reporting. My mother likes to brag to people that when I was a little girl I read the encyclopedia for fun. I loved how an encyclopedia covered so many topics in just one volume. My older brother didn’t always want to play with me, so I found ways to entertain myself. My largest claim to geekdom is how I played librarian as a child. Each book had a checkout slip attached to the inside cover. I even got a rubber date stamp and checked out my own books. I created a book drop by cutting a hole in a cardboard box. On my very first computer I kept a spreadsheet of all my books and loved how I could sort them by title or author with a click of a few buttons.

This passion for keeping things organized has followed me throughout my career. It is no wonder that I have a passion for Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation. This career path is chock full of nerdy graphs, exciting spreadsheets, automated processes, and powerful code. The things I can do with workflows!

Finally, my inappropriate side: In addition to my affinity towards data, I also love improv, stand-up, and comedy of all types. I even dabbled a bit in stand-up myself. My jokes center around my awkwardness and how I became that way. I also like to observe the ridiculousness in things and have fun pointing it out at just the right time. I also enjoy giggling at inappropriate humor and have a knack for going just over the line to create awkwardness among all that surround me.